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Certification Clearinghouse Pilot

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), in conjunction with a number of national and state partners, is sponsoring a project to explore how to expand and improve data exchange between industry certification organizations and state longitudinal data systems. The current certification partners include CompTIA and the Manufacturing Institute. The Department of Education is interested in this effort to develop solutions to the issues surrounding state collection of valid and reliable data as industry certifications and licensure are a growing part of the expected outcomes of career and technical education programs. The Department is also interested in interacting with other federal agencies with similar interests, a goal this project will help meet.

Over the next year, the project will focus on raising awareness of the need for improving data exchange as well as conducting a pilot between CompTIA and/or NAM working with up to five states to replicate and expand on the Illinois project over a one-year time period starting in December 2012.

Additional information:
Draft State Project Invitation (PDF, 178 KB)
Proposed Roadmap for Establishing National Exchange Clearinghouse (PDF, 209 KB)
Combined Data Sharing Pilot (PPTX, 518 KB)
State Invitation Round 2 (PDF, 260 KB)