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CAR Narrative (2002-2003)

To view, print narrative for individual state, please click on that state's name.

Alaska (MS Word, 174 KB)
Alabama (MS Word, 146 KB)
Arkansas (MS Word, 91 KB)
Arizona (MS Word, 398 KB)
California (MS Word, 184 KB)
Colorado (MS Word, 236 KB)
Connecticut (MS Word, 149 KB)
District of Columbia (PDF, 212 KB)
Delaware (MS Word, 116 KB)
Florida (MS Word, 195 KB)
Georgia (MS Word, 315 KB)
Hawaii (MS Word, 293 KB)
Iowa (MS Word, 276 KB)
Idaho (MS Word, 75 KB)
Illinois (MS Word, 391 KB)
Indiana (MS Word, 209 KB)
Kansas (MS Word, 163 KB)

Kentucky (MS Word, 94 KB)
Louisiana (MS Word, 156 KB)
Massachusetts (MS Word, 183 KB)
Maryland (MS Word, 101 KB)
Maine (MS Word, 104 KB)
Michigan (MS Word, 149 KB)
Minnesota (MS Word, 173 KB)
Missouri (MS Word, 212 KB)
Mississippi (MS Word, 120 KB)
Montana (MS Word, 171 KB)
North Carolina (PDF, 415 KB)
North Dakota (MS Word, 342 KB)
Nebraska (247 KB)
New Hampshire (MS Word, 19 KB)
New Jersey (MS Word, 185 KB)
New Mexico (MS Word, 213 KB)
Nevada (MS Word, 225 KB)
New York (MS Word, 90 KB)

Ohio (MS Word, 359 KB)
Oklahoma (MS Word, 225 KB)
Oregon (MS Word, 263 KB)
Pennsylvania (MS Word, 78 KB)
Puerto Rico (MS Word, 983 KB)
Rhode Island
South Carolina (MS Word, 127 KB)
South Dakota (MS Word, 199 KB)
Tennessee (MS Word, 130 KB)
Texas (MS Word, 339 KB)
Utah (MS Word, 131 KB)
Virginia (MS Word, 361 KB)
Virgin Islands
Vermont (MS Word, 177 KB)
Washington (MS Word, 174 KB)
Wisconsin (MS Word, 205 KB)
West Virginia (MS Word, 134 KB)
Wyoming (MS Word, 180 KB)