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CAR Narrative (2003-2004)

To view, print narrative for individual state, please click on that state's name.

Alaska (MS Word, 180 KB)
Alabama (MS Word, 150 KB)
Arkansas (MS Word, 93 KB)
Arizona (MS Word, 700 KB)
California (MS Word, 182 KB)
Colorado (MS Word, 253 KB)
Connecticut (MS Word, 216 KB)
District of Columbia (PDF, 4.6 MB)
Delaware (MS Word, 118 KB)
Florida (MS Word, 204 KB)
Georgia (MS Word, 360 KB)
Guam (MS Word, 113 KB)
Hawaii (MS Word, 301 KB)
Iowa (MS Word, 659 KB)
Idaho (MS Word, 94 KB)
Illinois (MS Word, 429 KB)
Indiana (MS Word, 239 KB)
Kansas (MS Word, 194 KB)

Kentucky (MS Word, 95 KB)
Louisiana (MS Word, 130 KB)
Massachusetts (MS Word, 214 KB)
Maryland (MS Word, 99 KB)
Maine (MS Word, 136 KB)
Michigan (MS Word, 164 KB)
Minnesota (MS Word, 180 KB)
Missouri (MS Word, 227 KB)
Mississippi (MS Word, 131 KB)
Montana (180 KB)
North Carolina (PDF, 559 KB)
North Dakota (MS Word, 255 KB)
Nebraska (MS Word, 271 KB)
New Hampshire (MS Word, 3.3 MB)
New Jersey (MS Word, 215 KB)
New Mexico (MS Word, 318 KB)
Nevada (MS Word, 231 KB)
New York (MS Word, 98 KB)

Ohio (MS Word, 2.7 MB)
Oklahoma (MS Word, 211 KB)
Oregon (MS Word, 313 KB)
Pennsylvania (MS Word, 73 KB)
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island (MS Word, 282 KB)
South Carolina (MS Word, 126 KB)
South Dakota (MS Word, 193 KB)
Tennessee (MS Word, 190 KB)
Texas (MS Word, 290 KB)
Utah (MS Word, 129 KB)
Virginia (MS Word, 307 KB)
Virgin Islands
Vermont (MS Word, 297 KB)
Washington (MS Word, 418 KB)
Wisconsin (MS Word, 218 KB)
West Virginia (MS Word, 133 KB)
Wyoming (MS Word, 240 KB)