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CAR Narrative (2010-2011)

To view, print narrative for individual state, please click on that state's name.

Alaska (PDF, 121 KB)
Alabama (MS Word, 181 KB)
Arkansas (MS Word, 118 KB)
Arizona (MS Word, 312 KB)
California (MS Word, 230 KB)
Colorado (MS Word, 643 KB)
Connecticut (MS Word, 687 KB)
District of Columbia (MS Word, 305 KB)
Delaware (MS Word, 656 KB)
Florida (339 KB)
Georgia (MS Word, 171 KB)
Guam (MS Word, 142 KB)
Hawaii (125 KB)
Iowa (MS Word, 321 KB)
Idaho (MS Word, 563 KB)
Illinois (PDF, 305 KB)
Indiana (MS Word, 607 KB)
Kansas (MS Word, 214 KB)

Kentucky (MS Word, 148 KB)
Louisiana (MS Word, 224 KB)
Massachusetts (822 KB)
Maryland (MS Word, 165 KB)
Maine (MS Word, 324 KB)
Michigan (MS Word, 222 KB)
Minnesota (MS Word, 237 KB)
Missouri (MS Word, 202 KB)
Mississippi (MS Word, 129 KB)
Montana (PDF, 819 KB)
North Carolina (MS Word, 196 KB)
North Dakota (MS Word, 260 KB)
Nebraska (1.1 MB)
New Hampshire (MS Word, 477 KB)
New Jersey (MS Word, 844 KB)
New Mexico (MS Word, 14.1 MB)
Nevada (45 KB)
New York (MS Word, 221 KB)

Ohio (PDF, 587 KB)
Oklahoma (MS Word, 134 KB)
Oregon (MS Word, 3.6 MB)
Pennsylvania (MS Word, 150 KB)
Puerto Rico (PDF, 526 KB)
Rhode Island (287 KB)
South Carolina (MS Word, 252 KB)
South Dakota (MS Word, 85 KB)
Tennessee (MS Word, 2.9 MB)
Texas (MS Word, 166 KB)
Utah (MS Word, 447 KB)
Virginia (MS Word, 165 KB)
Virgin Islands (PDF, 2.5 MB)
Vermont (MS Word, 138 KB)
Washington (114 KB)
Wisconsin (MS Word, 263 KB)
West Virginia (MS Word, 158 KB)
Wyoming (MS Word, 174 KB)