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California Population Definitions

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Secondary Student Populations:

Completer: See NOTE: in completer section.

Concentrator: The state is defining a student who has achieved the threshold level for program participation as an individual who has completed a capstone vocational course—typically the third in a sequence of courses offered in a vocational program area. NOTE: the state is also using this terminology to identify a Vocational Completer. This state believes this is an issue of semantics since, in most cases, the state intends to include threshold level students who attain a desired outcome in the numerator, and all threshold level students in the denominator. This is in keeping with the framework’s intent.

Tech Prep: A Tech Prep student is an individual who enrolls in a state-approved sequence of courses that combines at least 2 years of secondary education and 2 years of postsecondary education. Tech Prep students are identified and reported to the state by LEA.

Participant: No Information Available

Postsecondary Student Populations:

Completer: As with concentrator, the criteria for completer are different for credit and noncredit students. Credit: Students who are awarded a certificate or degrees are considered completers. Vocational completers are those students who either receive a vocational certificate or degree or are a vocational concentrator who receives any certificate or degree. Non-credit: Noncredit vocational student concentrators who are awarded a noncredit certificate are considered completers. For non-credit completion, however, the state is currently implementing local data collection process to report noncredit certificates of completion under the existing statewide MIS system. At least two years (until Nov 2000) were needed to facilitate the local level implementation and statewide collection.

Concentrator: The criteria used to establish a minimum threshold of student participation in a program is different for student populations analyzed for skill attainment than the criterion used for all of the other indicators.

Tech Prep: No Information Available

Participant: No Information Available