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District of Columbia Population Definitions

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Secondary Student Populations:

Completer: A student who has attained the academic and technical knowledge/skills within a program or sequence of courses that prepares the individual for employment and/or further/advanced education.

Concentrator: Vocational concentrators—those students that are enrolled in a sequence of two or more courses in a particular vocational trade/occupation.

Tech Prep: A student enrolled in sources within a recognized Tech Prep Education plan that consists of at minimum; 2 years of secondary and 2 years of postsecondary study; is carried out under a written articulation agreement; allows the student to earn postsecondary credit while in secondary school; and leads to a specific postsecondary 2-year certification, degree or apprenticeship.

Participant: No Information Available

Postsecondary Student Populations:

Completer: A completer is a degree student who has met all the requirements of the program in which he/she has enrolled.

Concentrator: A degree student who is taking a minor (usually 15-18 semester hours) in a vocational preparatory curriculum or a student who is taking a certificate (12-15 semester hours) program within a vocational preparatory curriculum.

Tech Prep: No Information Available

Participant: No Information Available