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New Hampshire Population Definitions

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Secondary Student Populations:

Completer: A student who has completed a secondary program of vocational-technical education.

Concentrator: A vocational student who has completed one year of vocational education and enrolls in the same vocational program the following year as a second year student. For students enrolled in 3 or 4 year programs, a vocational concentrator is a student who has completed half of their vocational program course requirements and enrolls in additional courses in their vocational program of study.

Tech Prep: A student who has completed the equivalent of one year of vocational-technical education in the sequence of articulated, non-duplicative instruction and enrolls in further coursework in the same sequence.

Participant: No Information Available

Postsecondary Student Populations:

Completer: A postsecondary student who has finished his/her program of study and receives a diploma or certificate.

Concentrator: Matriculated students in associate of science and associate of applied science degree programs. Matriculated students are students who have successfully completed not less than 21 credits in their program of study.

Tech Prep: No Information Available

Participant: No Information Available