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Oklahoma Population Definitions

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Secondary Student Populations:

Completer: A completer is any student who finishes a planned sequence of instruction designed to meet a vocational occupational objective that teaches specific job skills and competencies leading to employment

Concentrator: Enrolled in a vocational education class/program.

Tech Prep: The student has chosen a career cluster from those that have been identified, developed, and implemented by the tech prep consortium. The individual student plan of study has been developed with the assistance of a counselor, advisor, or another person familiar with the tech prep mission. The parent or guardian must be given the opportunity to participate in plan development. The individual plan of study must consist of a non-duplicated sequence of courses linking secondary education to postsecondary education and may include a work-site experience component including a youth or registered apprenticeship. The career cluster chosen by student requires technical preparation. The plan of study for the career cluster chosen by the student results in a postsecondary outcome such as licensure, certification, or an associate/ baccalaureate degree.

Participant: No Information Available

Postsecondary Student Populations:

Completer: Earn on AAS or other degree

Concentrator: Enrolled in AAS Degree program.

Tech Prep: No Information Available

Participant: No Information Available