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Tennessee Population Definitions

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Secondary Student Populations:

Completer: This term is non-applicable from 2000-2001 forward. For 1999-2000, it is defined as students with 4 units in a focused, sequential vocational concentration.

Concentrator: Vocational concentrators—students with three units in a focused, sequential vocational concentration and one unit in a related area or an additional credit in sequence.

Tech Prep: A Tech Prep student is one who has a four-year or six-year plan that includes participating in an approved, official Tech Prep program designed specifically to prepare the student for a postsecondary degree, certificate, or approved apprenticeship leading to employment in related technical career field. To be approved, a Tech Prep program must be governed by a consortium between secondary and postsecondary educational institutions with a formal articulation agreement.

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Postsecondary Student Populations:

Completer: A student who has either earned a certificate, a diploma or credential; or a student who has successfully completed one quarter of vocational and technical training and placed in an occupation for which trained. NOTE: Some students enroll in training programs and are recruited by industry prior to completion of training. The second definition allows for the capturing of this population as a completer.

Concentrator: The mission of TTC’s is to provide vocational and technical training to individuals in need of such training. All other activities conducted by TTC’s is ancillary to that primary mission.

Tech Prep: No Information Available

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