Employability Skills Framework

Overview of Assessment

This section is intended to help state and local education and workforce administrators, policy makers, educators, and employers think through important issues related to selecting an employability skills assessment.

The information in this section can be viewed in a variety of ways. New users may want to review the background information on assessment selection first before using the interactive tool.

Assessment Comparison Worksheet
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Background Information

  • Planning for Assessment Selection
    Consider a set of policy and planning questions to help design a comprehensive assessment strategy.
  • Assessment Selection Criteria
    Understand the content, technical, and practical considerations related to selecting an employability skills assessment.
  • Resources
    Access descriptions of and links to resources that provide more in-depth information on assessment.

Related Resources

Crosswalk with Employability Skills
See a crosswalk between a sample of assessments and the framework skills.

Innovative Examples
Read brief profiles of state, local, and employer-led initiatives highlighting examples of how the skills described in the Employability Skills Framework may be taught and assessed.

Video: Why Do Employability Skills Matter?
Kimberly Green, National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (Duration 6:50)