Employability Skills Framework

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Employability skills are a key component of college and career readiness. As an educator or workforce training professional, you likely are already teaching many essential employability skills in your academic or technical skill classes. Work across your school, program, or department to use this site to consider ways to further integrate employability skills into your curriculum and instruction.

Tips for Educators

1 Review the Employability Skills Framework and identify the skills that you are already teaching.

2 Consider how employability skills can be integrated into academic and technical skill instruction.

3 Use the Employability Skills Framework to plan lessons to address any skills that you are not currently teaching.

4 Partner with employer and industry representatives to design curricula and programs to teach the employability skills most important to your local labor market.

5 Prepare students to demonstrate employability skills in job interviews and at work.

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There are a range of resources that can support your work with employability skills. Here are some resources that have been developed for this site and other examples supported by the federal government:

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