Employability Skills Framework

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Employability skills are a key component of college and career readiness and are typically integrated into academic and technical skill instruction. The resources on this site can help state and local policymakers and program administrators support the instruction and assessment of employability skills in comprehensive education and training programs.

Tips for Policymakers

1 Review the key considerations for selecting an employability skills assessment for your state or local program and compare various assessments to customized selection criteria.

2 Identify the employability skills being taught in your school or program and share these results with local businesses and other stakeholders.

3 Incorporate the employability skills of highest importance to your state, program or school into requests for proposals for training providers, assessment developers, and other services.

4 Consider the relationships among employability skills standards and assessments and select from various instructional resources to support teachers and training providers.

5 Support partnerships among employers, schools, community colleges, and adult education and training programs to help develop skills.

Related Resources

There are a range of resources that can support your work with employability skills. Here are some resources that have been developed for this site and other examples supported by the federal government:

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