Employability Skills Framework

Developing Employability Skills

The teaching of employability skills is often embedded in a number of classroom activities and instructional practices such as group work, student projects, and problem-based assignments. Since educators and employers may use different terms for employability skills, the employability skills checklist is intended to bridge this language gap and illustrate for teachers the many ways in which they are already addressing employability skills in their daily lessons. Teachers are not asked to add employability skills to their list of teaching responsibilities, but merely to seek opportunities to emphasize the skills when possible. Using the checklist will help teachers monitor how frequently their daily activities contribute to the development of employability skills.

Lesson Planning Checklist
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Employability Skills in the Classroom
  • Employability skills, along with academic and technical skills, are a critical component of college and career readiness.
  • Documenting employability skills that are embedded in classroom practice helps students to realize the connection between education and employment.
  • Opportunities exist for teachers to integrate employability skills in everyday lessons, at every age and in every content area.
  • Development of employability skills does not occur in one or two classes, but grows over the course of a student's educational career.
  • Classroom activities emphasize various employability skills, but not all skills will be evident in every lesson.