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Each year under Perkins IV, Congress appropriates roughly $1.1 billion in State formula grants and about $25 million dollars in competitive discretionary grants specified in the law for the improvement of career and technical education programs across the nation. In addition, the Department occassionally uses National Activity funds to award grants for specialized purposes.

Current Funding Opportunities

OCTAE has provided responses to questions from potential applicants about the requirements for an "Eligible Entity" under the Perkins Innovation and Modernization Grant Program, and has provided information about the procurement flexibilities permitted by the Department for required data collection, evaluation and essential services.

Perkins Innovation and Modernization Q&As (PDF, 243 KB)

The Department of Education has published a Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) for $2.8 million for projects that will identify, support, and evaluate evidence-based and innovative strategies and activities to improve and modernize career and technical education (CTE) and to ensure workforce skills taught in Perkins-funded programs align with labor market needs. The Department anticipates making up to six awards.

The NIA is available at the following link:

OCTAE hosted a webinar for prospective applicants on the new Perkins Innovation and Modernization Grant Program on Thursday, April 25 at 2:00 PM Eastern time.

The Department of Treasury has announced a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for $100 million for "pay for results" projects that result in 21 outcomes described in the notice. State and local governments are eligible applicants. The Treasury anticipates making five to ten awards.

The NOFA, along with frequently asked questions, is available at the following site:


Finding Federal Grants: Advancing Your Work in CTE (PPTX, 2.7 MB)


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