Guidance and Counseling

Perkins IV encourages states and local programs to provide access for students (and parents, as appropriate) to information regarding career awareness and planning with respect to an individual's occupational and academic future; and provide information with respect to career options, financial aid, and postsecondary options, including baccalaureate degree programs. Although Congress has not appropriated separate funds for these activities under section 118 of the Act as they have in the past, states and local programs may still fund these activities under their Title I (state basic grant) and Title II (tech prep education) programs. Click below to access helpful resources and tools.


Find tools to help you assess yourself, explore careers, plan your future, and select postsecondary education.


Learn how you can help your child prepare for their academic and occupational future.


Get help engaging key partners, assisting students, improving learning strategies, and supporting change.


Access resources for implementing and evaluating comprehensive guidance programs.


Find information about collaborating with partners, supporting education reform, and setting policy.

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