High School CTE Teacher Pathway

Forty-two Governors delivered their 2017 State of the State addresses, and workforce development and CTE emerged as a strong priority–the second most popular education topic mentioned in Governors' State of the State addresses, after school financing. In addition, while the need for CTE programming aligned to labor market demands is high, many States and local school districts are reporting significant shortages of CTE teachers. Data reported to the Department of Education in 2016, for example, show that 32 States are experiencing shortages of CTE teachers.

In October 2017, the Department awarded five grants totaling $4,046,951 under the High School CTE Teacher Pathway Initiative (CTE-TPI). The initiative was intended to improve CTE programs assisted under the Perkins Act by increasing the supply of high school CTE teachers for CTE programs that align to In-Demand Industry Sectors or Occupations in States and communities where shortages of such teachers exist. The CTE Teacher Pathway projects are in their third year of implementation. To learn more about each grant’s project goals and activities regarding CTE teacher recruitment and retention, click on each link below.



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