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The modules listed below provide background content for the 2011 Data Quality Institute and the 2012 Financial Management Institute. The recorded sessions from these events are available in the Webcasts section.

Perkins Financial Management

The modules below are intended to provide background information for participants of the 2012 Financial Management Institute. Topics include an overview of the Perkins financial reporting process, statutory and regulatory requirements, maintenance of effort matching requirements, the Single Audit Process, and effective subrecipient monitoring for career and technical education programs.

Perkins Financial Mangement and ReportingHide details
This module provides an overview of the financial status report and the Consolidated Annual Report (CAR) reporting process. Topics include: statutory and regulatory requirements for financial management and reporting; allowed, unallowed, and indirect costs; the interim and final financial status report; and using the CAR to complete and submit financial status reports.  Watch Module  Duration: 00:18:33  Take Knowledge Check  View: Module 1 slides: Perkins Management and Reporting (PDF, 1.6 MB)  View: Financial Status Report instructions (PDF, 90 KB)  View: Interim FSR template (Excel, 86 KB)  View: CAR overview (PDF, 127 KB)
Maximizing Your Program's Federal DollarsHide details
Maintenance of Effort Matching RequirementsHide details
The Single Audit ProcessHide details
Effective Subrecipient Monitoring for Career and Technical Education ProgramsHide details

Perkins Accountability 101 for New State Staff

The modules below are intended to help new state staff understand Perkins accountability basics. Topics include an overview of the Perkins performance measures, nonregulatory guidance, measurement approaches, data collection challenges, local reporting basics, CAR reporting, and suggested data uses.

Collecting CTE Performance Data
Overview of Title I and II Perkins Management and Accountability

State Longitudinal Data Systems Development and CTE's Role

This module focuses on the emerging PK-20 data collection within selected states and connections to workforce data sets. Representatives from selected states and national organizations lead a discussion on the integration of CTE data within other data collection systems (e.g. PK-20, WIA, and postsecondary completion data) being implemented as part of state longitudinal data systems development.

CTE Data and State Longitudinal Data Systems

CTE Data Analysis for Local Program Improvement

This module introduces and describes processes and tools used to analyze CTE-specific data for local program improvement. Examples share how Perkins performance data can be extracted from SLDS and communicated to stakeholders.

Illustrative Examples of State Timelines and Annual Reporting Cycles


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