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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The materials listed below are from the Data Quality Institute (DQI) sessions from 2005 to 2011. The 2011 sessions are also available in Webcast.

Session Materials

CTE Stakeholders & Data Needs
This presentation, from the June 7, 2011 DQI session, offers key questions to help determine what data are of interest to CTE stakeholders, and how it should be analyzed and reported to different stakeholder groups.  DQI Session: 6/7/2011  Webcast Time: 02:27:11  View: Presentation slides (PDF, 218 KB)
NCES Career/Technical Education (CTE) Statistics
Industry Certification Systems
Tracking Students Career Paths Beginning to Completion
Tracking Students Career Paths Beginning to Completion
State Agency Certifications
Employer Certification Examinations' Role in High School Assessment
STEM Equity Pipeline
Pathways to Results
Linking Financing to Performance
Career & Technology Education Data and EDFacts (Session 1)
Career & Technology Education Data and EDFacts (Session 2)
Expanding Student Coverage in Technical Assessment Systems: Perspectives from Ohio
State Technical Skill Attainment Measurement Approaches and Average Performance Targets for 2009
Credentialing in Career and Technical Education in Virginia
Selecting the Right Industry Skill Certifications
Technical Skills Issues Checklist
Measure 3P1: Placement
The Minnesota Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program: Does Participation in Dual Enrollment Programs Help High School Students Attain Career and Technical Education Majors and Degrees in College?
Preparing America's Future
Connecting CTE to the Future
Key Points About Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
Collecting CTE Performance Data
Proposed Research Agenda for the National Assessment of Career and Technical Education


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