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Linking Data

The materials listed below are from the Data Quality Institute (DQI) sessions from 2005 to 2011. The 2011 sessions are also available in Webcast.

Session Materials

EDEN/EDFacts: Consolidating and Using K-12 Performance Data within the U.S. Department of Education
This presentation looks at the history of EDFacts imitative and the importance longitudinally linked data.  DQI Session: 6/8/2011  View: Presentation slides (PDF, 734 KB)
The EdFacts Initiative
Using Linked Data to Drive Education Training and Improvement
Link SLDS Across the P-20 Educational Pipeline and Across State Agencies
Linking Longitudinal Administrative Data for Program Evaluation and Management: Models, Results and Lessons
Assessing Major National Databases
National Student Clearinghouse
National Education Data Model
CTE Data and EdFacts
State Perspective on EDEN
Using National Databases and Clearinghouses and Placement (5S1 and 4P1) and Beyond
Perkins IV: Use of Data in Local Planning
Using Data to Support Local Planning Improvement
Montana Data Systems Connections


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