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Security and Privacy

The materials listed below are from the Data Quality Institute (DQI) sessions from 2005 to 2011. The 2011 sessions are also available in Webcast.

Session Materials

The Wonderful World of Data Sharing Agreements
This presentation explores the opportunities and challenges involved in the creation of effective data sharing agreements.  DQI Session: 6/6/2012  Webcast Time: 01:57:56  View: Presentation Slides (PPTX, 135 KB)
Data Sharing Under FERPA
Data Sharing Pilot
US Department of Education Privacy Initiatives
Safeguarding Student Privacy
U.S. Department of Education Launches Initiatives to Safeguard Student Privacy
Federal Register, Part VIII--Sept. 27, 2006
Confidentiality of Unemployment Compensation Information
FERPA Survey
FERPA Chapter 1: Allowing for Educational Research under FERPA


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