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Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS)

The materials listed below are from the Data Quality Institute (DQI) sessions from 2005 to 2011. The 2011 sessions are also available in Webcast.

Session Materials

Harnessing SLDS Data and Information
The recorded webinar provides information about the potential benefits of SLDS reporting systems. It discusses the types of information that states can access through an SLDS and presents potential reports and reporting approaches. Viewers see an overview of the Advance system, a web tool developed as part of a three state pilot that is designed to help providers create usable reports and information from state longitudinal data systems.  DQI Session: 6/27/2012  View: Webcast2 ()
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems: Grant Program Presentation
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems: Grant Program
Leverage Federal Funding for Longitudinal Data Systems
Getting Started: 10 Fundamentals of Coordinated State Early Care and Education Data Systems
DQI Webcast, June 7th, 2011
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems: Florida and Other States
Traveling Through Time: The Forum Guide to Longitudinal Data Systems, Planning and Developing an LDS
Creating Reports Using Longitudinal Data
Perkins Virtual DQI State Team Planning and Discussion Work Plan 2011
Measuring the Education Pipeline: Common Data Elements Indicating Readiness, Transition, and Success
Data for Action 2010: DQC's Annual State Analysis
Profiles from the Fields
Essential Elements of SLDS
Essential Elements of Longitudinal Data Systems
CTE Data and State Longitudinal Data Systems


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