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Technical Skills Assessment and Certification

The materials listed below are from the Data Quality Institute (DQI) sessions from 2005 to 2011. The 2011 sessions are also available in Webcast.

Session Materials

FERPA - Safeguarding Student Privacy
This document describes several initiatives, started by the Department of Education, that aim to protect the privacy rights of students, and promote the responsible use of statewide data systems.  DQI Session: 6/6/2012  Webcast Time: 02:35:03  View: Report (PDF, 242 KB)
Arizona Status Report: People, Process, Product and Progress
Technical Skills Assessments
National Research Center for CTE
Building a Technical Skills Inventory Database: One State at a Time
State Team Planning Matrix
CTE Professional Organization Perspective on Technical Skill Attainment
National Perspectives on Technical Skill Attainment: OVAE's Vision and Goals
National Perspectives on Technical Skill Attainment
Assessing the Feasibility of a Test Item Bank and Assessment Clearinghouse: Strategies to Measure Technical Skill Attainment of Career and Technical Education Participants
Developing and Implementing Technical Skill Assessments: Best Practices from States
Implementing Technical Skill Assessment Systems: Georgia
Career and Technical Education Skill Certificate Program in Utah's High Schools
Implementing Technical Skill Assessment Systems: Utah
Introduction to State Planning Time
Overview of State Assessment Systems
Technical Skills Assessments Overarching Issues
Recommended Definitions and Measures: Technical Skills Attainment
Assessing Technical Achievement in Secondary Career Technical Education: Overview of State Assessment Systems
VoCATS: Where instruction and accountability meet
Oklahoma Explanation of Assessments for Data Quality Institute
Career Cluster Health Science chart
Lessons Learned: Working with Industry Skill Certifications
Questions for State Panels on Technical Skill Assessments
A Plan to Provide Technical Assistance to the Arizona Standards and Assessment System
Assessment and Evaluation Services at the Center on Education and Training for Employment
Preparing Tomorrow's Skilled Workforce: NOCTI Outcomes Demonstrate Consistent Improvements in Secondary Career and Technical Education
NOCTI Check sheet for Success
State Grouping Breakout Session


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