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Programs of Study (POS) Grants

Annual Reports

Annual reports are intended to assess the characteristics and post-program educational experiences of students who achieve concentrator status in their state-identified RPOS. Over the course of the project, the study will seek to answer three primary research questions:

  1. How do the characteristics of secondary RPOS concentrators differ from those of secondary students who either did not concentrate in a CTE program or who were CTE concentrators in other programs?
  2. How do the performance outcomes of secondary RPOS concentrators compare with those of two groups of students:
    • Students within the LEA who were concentrators in other CTE programs, and
    • Students who did not concentrate in a CTE program (including CTE participants and non-participants)?
  3. How do the outcomes that secondary RPOS concentrators achieve vary according to the presence or absence of RPOS Framework components within their LEA?

To address the first two questions, the research team collected aggregate data on all 12th grade students enrolled in participating LEAs within each state during the 2009–10 and 2010–11 academic years. A first year report (PDF, 422 KB) uses data from the 2009–10 academic year to describe the characteristics and outcomes of 12th-grade students enrolled in CTE programs that subsequently were selected for the RPOS project. A second year report (PDF, 423, KB) extends the analysis, documenting the characteristics and immediate post-program experiences of 12th-grade students who graduated in 2011 after participating in the first full year of the program.