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State Plan Training #4
February 26, 2015 
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Programs of Study Design Framework

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) calls for states to offer career and technical programs of study, which may be adopted by local educational agencies and post secondary institutions as an option to students (and their parents as appropriate) when planning for and completing future coursework. To help states and local agencies meet this requirement, DATE, in collaboration with major national associations, organizations, and states, have developed a Programs of Study Design Framework (Framework). The Framework identifies 10 key components and corresponding subcomponents that, taken together, support the development and implementation of effective programs of study. Although all 10 components are important, they are neither independent nor of equal priority: State and local program developers must identify the most pressing components to be addressed given particular educational, workforce, and economic contexts.

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Framework graphic Framework Credit Transfer Agreements Course Sequences Guidance and Counseling Postsecondary levels Professional Development Teaching and Learning Strategies Technical Skills Assessments Credentials Accountability and Evaluation Systems Partnerships Course Sequences Secondary level Guidance and Counseling College and Career Readiness Standards Legislation and Policies