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DATE is committed to upholding its fiduciary responsibility to ensure each state’s compliance with Perkins IV— protecting against waste, fraud, and abuse of Federal funds, and providing quality technical assistance to states in implementing Perkins IV. Each year DATE selects roughly 10 states for on-site reviews so that all states are reviewed at least once over a five-year cycle.

2015 Tentative Monitoring Schedule (Word, 41 KB)

2014 Tentative Monitoring Schedule (PDF, 53 KB)

2013 Monitoring Schedule

2013 Tentative Monitoring Schedule (Word, 17 KB)

2012 Monitoring Schedule

2011 Monitoring Schedule

2011 Monitoring Plan (PDF, 221 KB)

Perkins IV Monitoring Checksheets (Doc, 1.4 MB)

Supplemental Accountability Checksheet (Doc, 147 KB)