COVID-19 Information

The Division of Academic and Technical Education (DATE) is taking steps to provide information to States and local career and technical education programs on the national COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

For updates on COVID-19 as they pertain to Perkins-funded programs, please visit:

Notes from the Director

April 1, 2020Dear Colleagues,

State agencies and local CTE program providers alike have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. During our recent Town Hall Webinar and via emails with you and your team members, we have learned of shifting State staff priorities to address the outbreak, as well as widespread closures of local CTE programs that require hands-on learning under the direction of skilled instructors or workplace mentors.

At the same time, State directors identified as their immediate need flexibilities in the submission dates for full State and local plans, covering Fiscal Years (FY) 2020-23, which are required this year under the Perkins V statute. Last year, for FY 2019, the first year after passage of the Act, the Secretary used the transition authority in the statute to enable States and local CTE program providers to submit one-year plans. This year, for FY 2020, States and local CTE program providers are expected to submit full plans that meet the requirements of the Act. This first set of questions and answers (Q&As), attached for your convenience and posted to the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network (PCRN) Website at, responds to these much-needed flexibilities.

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