2015 Data Quality Institute

The theme of this year’s Institute is "Data Sharing." Institute sessions are designed to support states in accessing and using data to improve the collection and reporting of performance information on CTE students and program outcomes over time. Sessions are organized around three strands. Each strand addresses a specific set of issues related to the identification, collection and use of CTE student and program data. These strands include:

  • Strand I:  Choosing the Metrics
  • Strand II: Sourcing the Data
  • Strand III: Using and Presenting Information
Who: State secondary and postsecondary CTE agency staff
When: November 4–5, 2015
Where: The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute, outside Baltimore, Maryland

2015 DQI Agenda (PDF, 328 KB)
2015 DQI Reminder Letter (PDF, 288 KB)


  • Participants will need to use their federal Perkins or state funds to attend.
  • There is no registration cost associated with the meeting. However, all individuals attending will need to compensate RTI for lunch and snacks provided ($18 per day).
  • Beginning September 1st, states may register up to two individuals to attend. After September 14th states may register additional individuals on a first-come, first-serve basis until the event attendance cap is reached. Hotel rooms subject to availability.
  • The room block sets rate at $139/night and includes meal charges (Breakdown: $102 for room, $10 for breakfast, $24 for dinner, $3 service charge).

For more information, contact: Allison Hill at Allison.Hill@ed.gov or (202) 245-7775.


November 4-5, 2015


Allison Hill