Deadline to Submit the FY 2022 Grantee Satisfaction Survey

The U.S. Department of Education (Department) launched the FY 2022 Grantee Satisfaction Survey to solicit your evaluation of and comments on the Department’s performance as it applies to your Perkins State formula grant.  The survey was sent to State CTE Directors via email from the Department’s contractor (an independent third-party research firm), the CFI group, with the subject line “Department of Education Grantee Satisfaction Survey 2022.”

The Department is committed to serving its grantees.  To facilitate our service and improvement, the survey will inquire about your experience as a grant recipient of the Perkins V state formula grant and your suggestions about ways the program can enhance your satisfaction as a grantee.  The survey is administered by an independent third-party research firm; your responses are anonymous.  The Department staff will not receive individual survey forms or individualized information.  Our contractor will aggregate and analyze the information and comments provided in the surveys and advise DATE regarding ideas about how the program’s services to grantees may be improved.

Our goal is a 100% response rate among our grantees. Each grantee’s response to the survey is voluntary, but the responses grantees provide are an important element in DATE’s efforts to improve its services. DATE, therefore, urges each grantee to participate in the survey. Completing the survey should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

DATE appreciates your attention to this survey and welcomes your input on ways that we can better serve you as a grantee.


June 10, 2022