Innovation and Modernization
Grant Program

Each year under the Perkins V statute, Congress authorizes roughly $1.4 million annually for the Innovation and Modernization Grant Program (Perkins I&M) to support grants to eligible entities, eligible institutions, and eligible recipients. The purpose of the Perkins I&M is to identify, support, and rigorously evaluate evidence-based and innovative strategies and activities to improve and modernize career and technical education (CTE) and ensure workforce skills taught in CTE programs funded under the Perkins statute align with labor market needs.

Perkins Innovation and Modernization Grant Program (Perkins I&M) 2019 Grant Awards

In September 2019, the Department awarded nine grants totaling $1,488,221. Each Perkins I&M grant recipient has been awarded funding for the first year of a three-year project period. Funding for years two and three is subject to the availability of funds and to a grantee meeting the requirements for continued funding. At the end of the three-year project period, the Secretary may extend the grants for two additional years provided certain conditions are met. The nine grant award recipients are:

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