Juvenile Justice Reentry
Education Program

On any given day, more than 60,000 young people under age 21 are confined in juvenile justice facilities throughout the United States. Youths involved in the juvenile justice system typically have a history of poor school attendance, grade retention, or disengagement from school due to academic failure and school disciplinary issues. Many youths in the juvenile justice system have had little employment experience before confinement, and their employment challenges often intensify post release, with many struggling to find and keep jobs.

The Juvenile Justice Reentry Education Program: Opening Doors to College and Careers through Career and Technical Education (JJ-REP) is intended to improve outcomes for justice involved youth by providing career and technical education (CTE) programs in juvenile justice facilities as well as intensive wrap around reentry supports and services, along with post-release CTE and employment and training opportunities. In April 2016, the Department made four grant awards through a competitive application process. The following entities are funded for a period of up to 3 years:

A new grant competition is not scheduled at this time.


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