National Assessment of Career and Technical Education

Perkins IV requires the Department of Education to conduct an independent national assessment of career and technical education (NACTE) and to appoint an independent advisory panel to advise the department on the assessment. The overall objectives of the assessment are to:

  • Examine the implementation of career and technical education (CTE) across the nation;
  • Assess the impact of changes made under the Perkins IV; and
  • Evaluate the outcomes of students who enroll in CTE programs.

The main study questions are:

  • Are the new Perkins accountability provisions working?
  • Are states implementing the requirement for developing and implementing programs of study that integrate academic and technical content?
  • Are CTE teachers of high quality getting the professional development they need for integrating challenging academic and technical content?
  • Is student enrollment in CTE programs changing, and do those programs integrate academic and technical content?
  • Do the outcomes for CTE students-- high school graduation, achievement levels, postsecondary enrollment, and employment and earnings-- reflect a positive impact from CTE participation?

The department's Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development (OPEPD), Policy and Program Studies Service (PPSS) is conducting the assessment on behalf of the department. PPSS will be conducting a survey of state career and technical education directors and commissioning a set of studies by leading academic, career, and technical education researchers to answer the main study questions.

OCTAE Contact

Robin Utz