State Director 101

Career Guidance

Filling the skills gap through career exploration and guidance.

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Submitting a Perkins-WIOA Combined Plan

Perkins-WIOA combined plans can set the foundation for more useful programs and experiences for learners and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of workforce development systems.

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CTE in the Middle Grades

Learn how two states have invested in building out their middle school CTE programs.

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Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Filling the CTE teacher talent pipeline while ensuring retention by- promoting professional development for teachers to remain successful.

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Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment

Learn about the "comprehensive local needs assessment" required in Perkins V, and hear about different approaches from two states.

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Innovative Delivery Methods

Three states share examples of how they are utilizing innovative CTE delivery methods to meet learners' needs.

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Leveraging Use of the Reserve Fund

Learn about opportunities in Perkins V to leverage use of the reserve fund.

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Work-Based Learning, Pre-Apprenticeships, and Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships, Pre-Apprenticeships, and Work-Based Learning

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