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CTE Consortia Accountability?
Posted by s.enright on June 28, 2012Indicators
Having CTE accountability only at the CTE Consortia level will not provide actionable data, as CTE Consortia in my state will likely consist of 1-2 colleges and 50+ school districts. A CTE Consortium will have no control over its data, as a Consortium does not report data; each college and school district reports its own data. And each college and school district will have little interest in how its data contributes to the CTE Consortium, since there are so many entities involved.

We know this from experience – we were in the process of implementing Tech Prep Consortia accountability, and found that Tech Prep Consortium data meant very little – nothing, really – to the colleges and school districts within that Tech Prep Consortium.

If “actionable” data is an overarching goal, then data and accountability need to be much more local.

Perhaps a “CTE accountability” role of CTE Consortia could be to assist its partners in meeting their targets.
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It is unclear what the Blueprint is proposing around consortia configurations and accountability. What constitutes a consortium? Will this be determined by geographic regions, by similar programs of study (e.g., Agriculture), by a combination of these, or something else?

There are two important issues that the above comment raises. One is accountability, the other is actionable data. In Oregon, consortia are not just fiscal agents. They involve a variety of configurations, frequently including several school districts and a community college partner. While data at the consortia level may not provide actionable data that directs instructional changes at the classroom level, it nevertheless provides a picture of student performance across a given region and important information to consortia leadership about where and perhaps what kind of strategic investments are necessary. The most actionable data is at the program, school or college level. It is our expectation and experience that consortia leadership also use additional local data to further inform their work.
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