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State Partnerships between Workforce Organizations and Higher Ed Institutions
Posted by mswygert on July 30, 2012Participation
I know there have been several conversations about partnerships between workforce organizations and higher ed institutions as colleges try to secure employment data for the Perkins placement indicator. Can anyone out there provide examples of states that have these types of partnerships in place?

I am thinking there was conversation at some of the DQI meetings or SPAC and I just cannot recall the details.
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I am not sure who else has this arrangement, but we have one in Connecticut between the Board of Regents for Higher Education and the Department of Labor. If there are questions I can answer about this, please feel free to contact me (ccoperthwaite@commnet.edu)
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Most states have agreements with their departments of labor for data exchanges at the state level for Perkins requirements and for research. Locally, Perkins recipients have some agreements with their OneStops for data exchanges.

It would be most helpful to states if USDOE and USDOL would formalize agreements to capture what is necessary data to measure the success of educational progress AND workforce development. Right now, States have much to to report and the data overlap. It would also help if USDOE divisions would align data elements to capture what is needed for Perkins, IPEDS and financial aid. together these reporting systems each have different definitions, timeframes and methodologies for data capture and submission makeing it especially cumbersome for LEAs.
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