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Business and Industry

Below is a series of self-assessment questions to consider as you expand student pathways to success. If you have additional recommendations or feedback, please email:

  1. Is your company or organization supporting employees to mentor students or work with schools to offer guest lectures?
  2. Do employees in your company or organization support job shadow programs, engage in industry sponsored projects, or support Career & Technical Student Organizations?
  3. Does your company or organization have a youth employment strategy?
  4. Does your company or organization support work-based learning opportunities for students (including internships, registered apprenticeships, clinical experiences, or other experiential learning models)?
  5. Does your company or organization support teachers to participate in externships or job shadowing activities?
  6. Is workforce development and/or career-connected learning part of your corporate social responsibility strategy?
  7. Does your company have human resources policies that support hiring youth who are under the age of 18?
  8. Has your company or organization considered skills-based hiring?
  9. Has your company or organization identified industry recognized credentials that are used in the hiring process? If yes, is this information shared with education and training providers?
  10. Have you communicated your workforce needs through a secondary or postsecondary program advisory committee?

Our Pillars

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