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Below is a series of self-assessment questions to consider as you expand student pathways to success. If you have additional recommendations or feedback, please email:

  1. Does your school offer resources and assessments to help students identify their career interests and aptitudes?
  2. Does your local education agency offer a continuum of work-based learning that spans both middle and high school?
  3. How does your school support students to complete academic and career milestones (including: CTE program enrollment, SAT/ACT, FAFSA, college admissions, etc.)?
  4. How does your school share information about various types of postsecondary education programs to students (including: enrollment in a four-year degree institution, a community and technical college, registered apprenticeship, and an industry credential program)?
  5. How does your school share labor market information to students and their families? How do these data help to inform student course enrollment?
  6. How does your school share information about work-based learning opportunities with students and their families?
  7. How does your school share information about career and technical education with students and their families?
  8. How does your school ensure that individualized learning plans reflect the needs of students and their families?
  9. Does your school partner with community-based organizations to support student FAFSA completion and to provide information about scholarships and other forms of financial aid?

Our Pillars

Strategies to prepare students for their futures.

Dual Enrollment

Earn college credit during high school

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Work-based Learning

Gain early exposure to real world experience

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Workforce Credentials

Develop a competitive edge for your career

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Career Advising and Navigation

Make informed decisions about life after high school

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