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Below is a series of self-assessment questions to consider as you expand student pathways to success. If you have additional recommendations or feedback, please email:

  1. How are teacher professional learning communities using student and school data to break down barriers to student participation in dual enrollment, work-based learning, and career credential opportunities?
  2. How are teachers and school counselors supported to understand the various types of postsecondary opportunities that exist for youth (including: registered apprenticeships, workforce training, military service, community and technical colleges, and four-year institutions)?
  3. Does your school partner with community-based organizations or other groups to extend the school day and/or support out-of-school time instruction in college and career readiness?
  4. How does your school counseling office use student college and career readiness data to inform their work and outreach to students and their families?
  5. Do you provide information and resources for families and guardians to help students prepare for college and careers, including workshops on college and financial aid assistance?
  6. Do you facilitate opportunities for academic and CTE teachers to participate in cross-disciplinary planning and teaching?
  7. How does your school partner with community-based organizations, social or civic organizations, or other support services to extend the types of wrap around services that are available to students and their families?

Our Pillars

Strategies to prepare students for their futures.

Dual Enrollment

Earn college credit during high school

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Work-based Learning

Gain early exposure to real world experience

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Workforce Credentials

Develop a competitive edge for your career

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Career Advising and Navigation

Make informed decisions about life after high school

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